​​​​​Sales Training Wor​kshops & Sales Coaching for Multifamily & Rental Home Industry

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 Savvy Leasing Sales Training workshops focus on providing leasing professionals with a better understanding of these 5 components to successful leasing:  
S=Sales. We cover classic sales techniques that can be applied via telephone, email, and in person sales opportunities with prospects.  We also cover Follow Up extensively. Lessons are reinforced with hands-on group exercises. 

A=Attitude. We cover mental preparedness for sales success. 

V=Vacancy.  We cover the math needed for sales success. 

V=Velocity.  We cover working collaboratively with Managers, Maintenance, Corporate Office, Vendors, and the Community, et al for optimal success. 

Y=You.  We wrap up with Q&A and reinforce how important leasing professionals are to the sales success at their sites but also to the industry overall. 

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